The mission of the Art Object : Benefit Project is to educate & inspire students to adopt social responsibility as a life long journey. The project aims to “Pay it Forward” through acts of kindness and generosity through events that interconnect design, making, art & the community.  Sponsored events range from Silent Auctions, Making Parties, Bookmaking workshops, Panel Discussions, critique events through our sister organization the Graphic Design Collective, to other collaborative projects.






The Art Object : Benefit Project was established in 2006, by Carrie A. Dyer. Since 2006, many events and projects have been launched in the spirit of community & collaboration. The Art Object : Benefit Project has organized programs that include silent auctions where proceeds go to local charities, outdoor sculptures that celebrate making through recycling materials, and inter-classroom collaborations between disciplinary areas. In 2006, the project was started to encourage diverse and creative learning opportunities that positively support the surrounding community. The project has been dedicated to Carrie's brother, Artist and Designer, Fletcher H. Dyer, who dedicated his life to supporting socially and politically responsible projects. Fletcher died at the age of 22. He was a vibrant and inspiring artist and designer.

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Art Object : Benefit Project

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This Project is dedicated to Fletcher H. Dyer

This Project is mentored by Carrie A. Dyer

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